Can You Eat Mexican Candy While Pregnant?

Mexican candy is colorful, flavorful, and fun – and it’s also a popular treat among pregnant women. But is it safe to eat Mexican candy while pregnant? Read on to find out what you need to know before indulging in your sweet tooth.

Pregnancy and Mexican Candy: The Basics

First things first: let’s talk about the basics of pregnancy and Mexican candy. Pregnant women need to be extra careful about their eating as their bodies undergo many changes. That means that some perfectly safe foods for non-pregnant people can be dangerous for pregnant women. So, before you reach for that bag of chamoy candies, please take a moment to consider whether they’re safe for you to eat.

Mexican candy is generally safe for pregnant women, but there are a few exceptions. For example, certain types of candy contain high levels of lead, which can be dangerous for pregnant women and their developing babies due to the possibility of lead poisoning. Chamoy candies are one type of candy you should avoid if you’re pregnant, as they often contain high levels of lead. The CDC has issued a warning about information in chamoy candies. Other types of candy that may collect high lead levels include tamarindo candies and pulparindo candies. If you’re unsure whether a particular candy has high levels of information, check the label or ask your healthcare provider. 

In addition to avoiding candy with high levels of lead, pregnant women should also avoid candy that contains raw eggs. This is because raw eggs can contain bacteria that can make you sick and lead to health risks. If you’re craving something sweet and want to indulge in Mexican candy, opt for a type that doesn’t have raw eggs, such as gummy bears or marshmallows.

Reviews on the baby center from pregnant women talking about this topic are very optimistic that Mexican candy is fine for Pregnant women, some claiming it had no effect. Still, as we have mentioned, you eat it at your own risk!

Effects of Ingesting Lead

Lead ingestion can have serious consequences for a person’s health. Even at low levels, lead content in the body can cause serious health problems such as organ damage and cognitive deficit. As lead accumulates in the body, its effects often become worse over time. Therefore, it is important to prioritize preventative steps such as reducing contact with sources of lead contamination like tap water and paint chips, as well as avoiding behaviors that increase the risk of ingesting lead, such as smoking cigarettes containing leaded gasoline. In cases of serious lead poisoning, prompt action by health services is often necessary, including chelation therapy and other forms of supportive care. While mexican candies are unlikely to be tested high in Lead, it is important to know the risks

Should you avoid tamarind candy?

Tamarind candy is typically safe for pregnant women, but it’s important to check the label of tamarind products before consuming them. Some brands may contain added sugar, increasing the risk of gestational diabetes. In addition, some tamarind candies contain raw eggs and should be avoided by pregnant women due to the potential for foodborne illness.

Pregnancy and Mexican Candies: The Bottom Line

Overall, Mexican candy is safe for most pregnant women to eat – with a few exceptions, which are more health risks. Be sure to avoid candy with high levels of lead and any type that contains raw eggs. When in doubt, ask your healthcare provider whether or not a particular kind of candy is safe for you to eat during pregnancy. And enjoy those sweet treats!

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